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Anonymous asked:
lol i love your reaction but could you be like a bit more descriptive like who do you think tops and what it is like in general :p ;)


Well I think they kind of share that really. I used to think Harry topped, but then I realised that just because Louis has an amazing ass and is tinier, it doesn’t mean Harry’s the dominant one in bed.

I like to imagine that:

  • when Louis feels a bit vulnerable Harry will just slowly fuck him on his back while he kisses his whole face
  • when Louis is really horny and just wants to get fucked, he’ll straddle Harry anywhere (on the tour bus, in the dressing room etc.) and just ride him until he comes untouched
  • when they had a long day and they’re tired, Louis probably gets on top of Harry and slowly languidly fucks him with Harry’s long legs wrapped around his tiny waist
  • when Harry’s been gagging for it, Louis doesn’t hesitate to get him on his knees first, before he fucks him hard from behind, Harry’s wrists behind his back while his face is buried in the sheets
  • when they see each other after not being together for a while, Harry just grabs Louis, pins him agains the wall and fucks him while holding him by his ass
  • when Louis is tired but Harry is horny, Harry will just sit down on his thighs and ride him like he rode that bull
  • when Louis’ ass looked great in a pair of pants and Harry didn’t get to touch it the whole day, he just fucks Louis in every position possible while whispering dirty things in his ear
  • every time they have sex they either whisper dirty things to each other to no end (when they’re really horny and want to get each other off), or sweet nothings while they fuck really slow and deep
  • Louis always fixes his fringe when he’s riding Harry and biting his lip, and at the same time letting out pretty soft moans that drive Harry crazy
  • Harry loves to eat Louis out whenever, tweaking on Louis’ sensitive nipples as he does so and vice versa
  • Harry almost never wears headbands during sex because Louis likes to grip into his hair and pull at it while he’s getting either sucked off, eaten out, or fucking Harry from behind, chest-to-back
  • after each and every time they fuck on a bed, they cuddle/spoon afterwards, tell each other ‘i love you’ and fall asleep with a smile on their faces because they can’t believe how lucky they got to have found each other in that bathroom all those years ago

Hope this answers your question :)

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meet & greet - charlotte 28.09.2014

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So are we ignoring this or what?



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September 27th ‘14

September 27th ‘14

Anonymous asked:
What does a rope and anchor tattoo mean?


one meaning of the anchor tattoo is "stability". This one meaning can be portrayed in different scenarios. For example, one way is that the anchor tattoo symbolizes that you are steady in your life.Everything in your life is falling in place and you are doing good in life. The anchor tattoo can symbolize that meaning.

The anchor tattoo can also represent someone in a stable relationship.

I also thought this was an interesting interpretation, the rose part:

A Rose and Anchor tattoo design generally symbolizes Love, Honor, Loyalty, and the Ultimate Sacrifice. Roses are associated with the Greek goddess Aphrodite (who’s always shown with a crown of roses) and legend has it that roses immediately grew at the spot where Christ was crucified, a true symbol of the Ultimate Sacrifice. The color of the rose impacts the significance of tattoo. Anchor tattoo designs with a pink rose represents loyalty to your first love or an innocent person, like a child.

Just saying, SOMEONE also has a rose, close to the anchor. 

what do a rope and anchor tattoo mean together?

It usually means that they are anchored in a strong relationship with someone they love.

For more nautical tattoo fun see here (xx




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oh oh oh, yeah yeah yeah, 28/09/14

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one direction - reviews (in honour of the new album)